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In the Mind's Eye

The mind will never stop presenting us with pictures, scenarios, in it's bid to be in control of a situation.

And thats perfectly fine depending on how much we hold onto that scenario as a vision of what is actually going to happen.

Here we can get into trouble if we believe the picture that has popped up which is only created from memory either from past personal experience or from what we may have read or seen.

The mind seems to like to suggest to us how it's going to be and we can never, ever know how something is going to be until it's actually happening in the moment. So, we can let the mind do it's thing that it likes to do but we don't need to take any notice of it. We can look on it as a possibility and definitely not as a certainty.

If we attach to the picture it presents us with, identify with it as some kind of hard truth , then we have expectation and we're setting ourselves up to be disppointed.

There are so many possible outcomes to every situation, every plan, every meeting, every journey, every single thing we do-is it not crazy to think that we know how something will be.? Is this not naive behaviour that we repeat time and time again? We don't need to know what will happen or how something will be or look or feel or turn out and when we realise we don't need to know we may be able to no longer attach to the weavings of the mind and instead remain open and therefore receptive to whatever does occur.

#expectation #disappointment #attachment