I consider what led to this. Life coaching; working closely with people as they open up, face their truth and put their deepest expression of that into action. 


I was an actor for a long time and loved being on stage in the light where anything can happen. I enjoyed inhabiting characters, behaving differently to my usual self. I see that acting was an opportunity to be absolutely free from the constraints of me and the stage represented something alive and wide open.


Acting and performing was subsidised by waitressing and bar work which eventually led to becoming the co- owner of a restaurant/bar in London.


Here was endless living theatre and daily close involvement with staff and customers increased my fascination with human behaviour and the stories that shape our lives. It struck me that we can be anything at all, yet this is not always seen. Conditioning and fear seem to keep us tightly bound and stuck in or ways, to the detriment of all.


In 2003, while still running our restaurant and doing the odd acting job, I trained to be a life coach at the Coaching Academy and I have been practising as a personal life coach ever since then. 


Over the years, alongside my own process of (continuing) growth and learning, a coaching style has emerged that is faithfully aligned with that evolvement. While traditional coaching techniques are still present, the approach I offer is about combining a mastery of the practical aspects of life while also developing greater understanding and awareness of the soulful for a fully rounded experience of a human who is truly being in this world. 

The aliveness I used to feel on stage, I realise is here, now, in the present moment -it's nowhere but here. And true freedom comes not from playing a role but in allowing all our roles to fall away so undeniable truth may be known and lived,fully and openly.


This is the ethos & understanding that I bring as a life coach and it's a privilage to share that with people as they gradually discard the protective layers keeping them bound and allow their own unique potential to emerge and unfold.