Imagine the luxury of working with someone who is dedicated to helping you to connect with and release the full potential that you sense lies within. Imagine resting in a space that is held just for you where you feel able to freely explore your thoughts, ideas and visions in depth, without judgement.


Imagine too being fully supported and encouraged as you begin to realise the action that you want to take in order to live life authentically with transparent truth and honesty.This can be the reality of working with a life coach-if you want it to be.


In the work place we find Corporate and Executive coaches who have been invited in to open up communication amongst employees and strengthen relations, so all levels may work together cohesively, creating a more productive and vibrant environment.


The Personal Coaching arena allows coaches to specialise in a particular area of expertise and in reflection of our needs for thriving in the modern world, niche coaching grows ever more diverse. From relationships to health, parenting to finance, divorce to spiritual well being, you may find a coach to cover it.


The infamous high octane American approach to coaching that landed on our shores at the end of the 90's has given way to a more gentle style that suits our cultural sensibilities and the way of coaching constantly evolves- as all things do.


As all branches of life coaching and its unique process become increasingly understood and accepted in the UK, growing numbers regularly pay testament to its transformative power. It's in the area of holistic life coaching where we consider each individual aspect of our lives to be an inter-connected piece of the whole, that the effects can be most dramatic.


That's what we're concerned with here. Life coaching. The whole.