The words this life now describe what is offered here:

Personal coaching that partners with you as you come directly to the present moment and honestly admit what is there. In this space you may allow all things to arise without judgement or prejudice and with that a greater space opens up for you; room to b-r-e-a-t-h-e. In this relaxation you begin to feel what is true for you.


This begins a process of unearthing where and how you most naturally connect & the action you then take comes from a truly authentic place and is deep rooted and dynamic.


This is coaching to help you realise your personal harmony with life so you feel part of the whole movement-rather then separate from it.

You may feel lost or empty - parts of your life aren't working or seem pointless. Perhaps enforced change brings anxiety or you're desperately yearning to do something or be somewhere completely different and feel trapped.These situations may be regarded as problems to be tackled.


They could also be seen as timely opportunities for you to stop and look closely at life and your place in it in a way that you never have before. What if you were to go beyond the surface to where the deepest unrest is? To the place that, when the outer appearance of your life has been fixed repeatedly, still feels dissatisfied and disconnected from the world.

Here we go way beyond problem solving to embark on a revealing adventure that considers in detail what it is to be human and enables you via this coaching partnership to put your unique expression of that into practise.


This approach to coaching is about waking up to the whole of life and bringing the whole of you together with it so you are in unison. It's an alive and vibrant, deeply honest and wholly celebratory way of working.


this life now is an open invitation